Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jerry's Juice

Jerry's Juice is a new feature of Mets Kool-Aid. Any time Jerry Manuel pours a nice glass of Kool-Aid, especially following a loss, we'll make sure you get your fill.

Following last night's gut wrenching extra inning loss, Manuel said:

"We saw a lot of good things tonight. We have to keep positive."

He doesn't have to tell us twice. Manuel's right, the Mets did plenty of good things last night even in defeat. They once again showed fight in coming from behind. Aside from one pitch by Mejia the bullpen was great as always. John Niese only allowed five runs, which is no small feat in the rarefied air of Colorado.

The Met's showed they are this close to turning things around. Don't be surprised if last night's tough loss is a turning point that springs a winning streak.

As Manuel said, stay positive Mets fans.


  1. Jerry Manuel is doing a great Morgan Freeman impression in that picture.

  2. Why are there Angels logos in the background there?

  3. Because Jerry is an angel, sent by God to save the Mets?